Srijan Anil

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In a distributed storage systems (DSS), regenerating codes are used to optimize bandwidth in the repair process of a failed node. To optimize other DSS parameters such as computation and disk I/O, Distributed Replication-based Simple Storage (Dress) Codes consisting of an inner Fractional Repetition (FR) code and an outer MDS code are commonly used. Thus(More)
Anomaly-based network intrusion detection techniques are a valuable technology to shield our systems and networks against the malicious activities. Anomaly detection is done by soft margin Support Vector Machine(SVM), which classify the input into any one of the label (normal and anomalous) category with respect to its anomalous behavior. SVM gives much(More)
The paper carries out a comparative analysis of a fixed path navigation platform designed in both Arduino and FPGA in terms of accuracy, complexity and error percentage. The platform is designed using a rotation encoder as the distance estimation device with motors and drivers controlled by an overall controller which could either be a microcontroller or an(More)
This paper presents an auto navigation platform in Arduino which uses the i2c protocol to interface a digital compass and a rotation encoder to calculate distance travelled and direction with respect to the Earth's magnetic field. The digital compass IC used here is the HMC6352, while the rotation encoder is designed with the help of a MOC7811 coupler IC.(More)
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