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We previously reported that 3,4,5,4'-tetramethoxy-trans-stilbene (MR-4) induces p53 and perinuclear mitochondrial clustering in cancer cells [Gosslau, A., Chen, M., Ho, C.-T., Chen, K.Y., 2005, A methoxy derivative of resveratrol analogue selectively induced activation of the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway in transformed fibroblasts. Br. J. Cancer 92,(More)
[reaction: see text] An efficient 10-step preparation from 4-methoxypyridine of (2R,3R,4R)-2-acetamido-3,4-dihydroxypiperidine ("XylNAc-isofagomine") in optically active form is described. Key steps include an enantioselective reduction with catecholborane/(S)-2-methyl-CBS-oxazaborolidine, and a stereoselective pseudo-glycosylation of lithium azide by a(More)
In search for drugs to treat neuropsychiatric disorders wherein neurotrophic and neurogenic properties are affected, two neurotrophically active small molecules specially crafted following natural product leads based on 2-oxa-spiro[5.5]-undecane scaffold, have been thoroughly evaluated for their neurotrophic, neurogenic and neuroprotective potential in ex(More)
The first total synthesis of recently isolated diacetylene alcohols oploxyne A, oploxyne B, and their C-10 epimers was accomplished. The structure of natural oploxyne B has been revised. The key steps involved are base-induced double elimination of a carbohydrate-derived β-alkoxy chloride to generate the chiral acetylenic alcohol and Cadiot-Chodkiewicz(More)
Following our recent discovery of a new scaffold exhibiting significant neurotrophic and neurogenic activities, a structurally tweaked analogue, embodying a 2-oxa-spiro [5.4]decane framework, has been conceptualised and found to be more potent and versatile. It exhibits enhanced neurotrophic and neurogenic action in in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo models and(More)
A concise and stereoselective approach for the synthesis of key intermediates for aplysiatoxins, oscillatoxins, and nhatrangins and their utility for the total synthesis of nhatrangin A has been demonstrated. The advanced intermediates aromatic aldehyde 11 and dihydroxy acid 12 were synthesized in eight steps (44% overall yield) and three steps (55% overall(More)
The synthesis of the complex tricyclic core of the terpenoid antibiotic platencin is achieved in a concise, protecting group-free and stereoselective manner. A flexible approach that highlights the intramolecular aldol reaction as the key step toward the construction of the bicyclo[2,2,2]octane ring from an angular allyl decalone in both the trans-fused and(More)
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