Sridharakumar Narasimhan

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The study of gene regulatory networks is a significant problem in systems biology. Of particular interest is the problem of determining the unknown or hidden higher level regulatory signals by using gene expression data from DNA microarray experiments. Several studies in this area have demonstrated the critical aspect of the network structure in tackling(More)
— System Identification is the process of constructing an accurate and reliable dynamic mathematical model of the system from observed data and available knowledge. The choice of inputs used for perturbing the system is critical in the identification and model building exercise. One of the major objectives of system identification is accurate estimation of(More)
The computational effort involved in the solution of real-time optimization problems can be very demanding. Hence, simple but effective implementation of optimal policies are attractive. The main idea is to use off-line calculations and analysis to determine the structure and properties of the optimal solution. This will be used to determine alternate(More)
Leak detection in urban water distribution networks (WDNs) is challenging given their scale, complexity, and limited instrumentation. We present a technique for leak detection in WDNs, which involves making additional flow measurements on-demand, and repeated use of water balance. Graph partitioning is used to determine the location of flow measurements,(More)