Sridhar Sankar

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Biomaterials are used in regenerative medicine, implantable materials, controlled release carriers or scaffolds for tissue engineering. In the present study, the composites containing regenerated cellulose (RC) and chitosan (Ch) impregnated with silver nanoparticles (AgNP) with and without antibiotic gentamicin (G) were prepared. The composites prepared(More)
Fish scales, which are hitherto discarded as waste, were collected and cleaned thoroughly. The scales were hydrolyzed under controlled acidic conditions, neutralized and made in to a sheet, i.e., fish scale collagen sheet (FCS). The FCS was characterized for its infrared spectroscopy (IR), thermo-gravimetric analysis (TGA), scanning electron microscopy(More)
We show that matter effects change the numu-->nutau oscillation probability by as much as 70% for certain ranges of energies and path lengths. Consequently, the numu-->nutau survival probability also undergoes large changes. A proper understanding of numu survival rates must consider matter effects in Pmutau as well as Pmue. We comment on (a) how these(More)
In recent years, the metal nanoparticles/polymer composites have created lot of attraction due to their wide range of applications. In the present study, the composite films of alginate (AL) and sago starch (SG) impregnated with silver nano particles (AgNP) with and without antibiotic gentamicin (G) were prepared by solvent casting method. The films(More)
We analyze the recent result of the CHOOZ collaboration in the context of mixing and oscillations between all the three neutrino flavors. If one assumes the hierarchy among the vacuum mass eigenvalues δ 21 ≪ δ 31 where δ 21 = µ 2 2 − µ 2 1 and δ 31 = µ 2 3 − µ 2 1 , then the CHOOZ result puts a strong constraint on the allowed values of the (13) mixing(More)
Collagen was isolated from the chrome containing leather waste (CCLW) which is a major solid waste in leather industry. Composite films were made using sago starch (SG), soya protein (SY), and collagen (C) and were cross linked with glutaraldehyde (G).The films prepared were characterized for their physico chemical properties like tensile strength, infrared(More)
We study the one-pion events produced via neutral current (NC) and charged current (CC) interactions by the atmospheric neutrinos. We analyze the ratios of these events in the framework of oscillations between three neutrino flavors. The ratios of the CC events induced by ν e to that of the NC events and a similar ratio defined with ν µ help us in(More)
The application of finite element methods to problems in structural acoustics (the vibration of an elastic body coupled to an acoustic fluid medium) is considered. New stabilized methods based on the Hellinger-Reissner variational principle with a generalized least-squares modification are developed which yield improvement in accuracy over the standard(More)
The recent discovery by the Daya-Bay and RENO experiments, that θ(13) is nonzero and relatively large, significantly impacts existing experiments and the planning of future facilities. In many scenarios, the nonzero value of θ(13) implies that θ(23) is likely to be different from π/4. Additionally, large detectors will be sensitive to matter effects on the(More)
L-arginine semi-oxalate single crystals have been synthesized by slow evaporation method at room temperature. Single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction analyses has been made to confirm the triclinic structure with non-centrosymmetric space group P1. The presence of functional groups of L-arginine semi-oxalate crystals was identified and confirmed by(More)
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