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0031-9007= We show that matter effects change the ! oscillation probability by as much as 70% for certain ranges of energies and path lengths. Consequently, the ! survival probability also undergoes large changes. A proper understanding of survival rates must consider matter effects in P as well as P e. We comment on (a) how these matter effects may be(More)
The application of finite element methods to problems in structural acoustics ( the vibration of an elastic body coupled to an acoustic fluid medium) is considered. New stabilized methods based on the Hellinger-Reissner variational principle with a generalized least-squares modification are developed which yield improvement in accuracy over the standard(More)
Recent results from the MINOS experiment at Fermilab reconfirm neutrino oscillations. We describe briefly this experiment and discuss how this and other experiments enable us to determine fundamental parameters of elementary particle physics in the neutrino sector. A press release dated March 30, 2006 from the US laboratory Fermilab reported the first(More)
We analyze the recent result of the CHOOZ collaboration in the context of mixing and oscillations between all the three neutrino flavors. If one assumes the hierarchy among the vacuum mass eigenvalues δ21 ≪ δ31 where δ21 = μ 2 − μ 1 and δ31 = μ 2 3 − μ 1 , then the CHOOZ result puts a strong constraint on the allowed values of the (13) mixing angle φ. It is(More)
We study the effect of the matter term on the evolution of the solar neutrinos when the neutrino parameters are those of the ‘just-so’ case. The extreme nonadiabatic effects at the edge of the sun reduce the expression for the survival probability in the just-so case to that of the vacuum case. This conclusion is independent of the width of the extreme(More)
We study the one-pion events produced via neutral current (NC) and charged current (CC) interactions by the atmospheric neutrinos. We analyze the ratios of these events in the framework of oscillations between three neutrino flavors. The ratios of the CC events induced by νe to that of the NC events and a similar ratio defined with νμ help us in(More)
The recent discovery by the Daya-Bay and RENO experiments, that θ(13) is nonzero and relatively large, significantly impacts existing experiments and the planning of future facilities. In many scenarios, the nonzero value of θ(13) implies that θ(23) is likely to be different from π/4. Additionally, large detectors will be sensitive to matter effects on the(More)
The present study was aimed to analyse the proximate composition and endophytic microbial colonization in six marine fishes such as Nemipterus japonicas, Epinephelus areolatus, Lutjanusquin quelineatus, Scolopsis bimaculatus, Lutjanus decussate and Lethrinus lensus, were collected from Mudasalodai coastal region, Tamil Nadu, South east coast of India.(More)
The complex of L-L-boronophenylalanine (L-p-BPA) with fructose has been used for the past 5 years in clinical trials of boron neutron capture therapy to treat both melanoma and glioblastoma multiforme. However, the structure of this complex in water buffered at physiologic pH has not been established. In the (1)H NMR spectra (D(2)O buffered at pD 7.4) of(More)