Sridhar Narayan

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Segmentation of nontrivial color images is one of the most difficult tasks in digital image processing. This paper presents a novel color image segmentation algorithm, which uses a biologically inspired paradigm known as swarm intelligence, to segment images based on color similarity. The swarm algorithm employed uses image pixel data and a corresponding(More)
Multilayer perceptron (MLP) networks trained using backpropagation can be slow to converge in many instances. The primary reason for slow learning is the global nature of backpropagation. Another reason is the fact that a neuron in an MLP network functions as a hyperplane separator and is therefore inefficient when applied to classification problems in(More)
Novel second generation analogs of eribulin mesylate, a tubulin agent recently approved for the treatment of breast cancer, are reported. Our recent efforts have focused on expanding the target indications for this class of compounds to other tumor types. Herein, we describe the design, synthesis and evaluation of eribulin analogs active against brain tumor(More)
Ensemble encoding is a distributed data representation scheme that uses multiple, overlapping receptive fields to encode inputs to MLP networks. The number, placement, and form of the receptive fields can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of ensemble encoding. We present four approaches, two based on descriptive statistics, and two based on(More)
Eribulin mesylate (Halaven™), a totally synthetic analog of the marine polyether macrolide halichondrin B, has recently been approved in the United States as a treatment for breast cancer. It is also currently under regulatory review in Japan and the European Union. Our continuing medicinal chemistry efforts on this scaffold have focused on oral(More)
Negamycin is a hydrophilic antimicrobial translation inhibitor that crosses the lipophilic inner membrane of Escherichia coli via at least two transport routes to reach its intracellular target. In a minimal salts medium, negamycin's peptidic nature allows illicit entry via a high-affinity route by hijacking the Dpp dipeptide transporter. Transport via a(More)
Eribulin mesylate is a newly approved treatment for locally advanced and metastatic breast cancer. We targeted oral bioavailability and efficacy against multidrug resistant (MDR) tumors for further work. The design, synthesis and evaluation of novel amine-containing analogs of eribulin mesylate are described in this part. Attenuation of basicity of the(More)
Multi-layer Perceptron (MLP) networks function as hyperplane classifiers when applied to classification problems. Therefore, MLP networks can be inefficient when applied to problems in which class boundaries are inadequately modeled by hyperplanes. Attempts to remedy this problem typically necessitate the introduction of a <i>new</i> neural network model in(More)