Sridevi Rao

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The reported maternal mortality for morbidly adherent placenta ranges from 7% to 10% worldwide. Current treatment modalities for this potentially life-threatening condition include radical approaches such as elective peripartum hysterectomy with or without bowel/bladder resection or ureteric re-implantation (for placenta percreta infiltrating these organs),(More)
BACKGROUND A recent survey of American thyroidologists defining their management of a 43-year-old woman with hyperthyroid Graves' disease and a thyroid weighing 40 to 50 grams revealed that 69% recommended iodine 131 therapy, 30% prolonged antithyroid drug therapy, and only 1% operation. If the patient was younger or had a larger thyroid, 4% to 7% of the(More)
Further investigation is necessary to determine the potential clinical impact of hyperlipidemia on transplant patients. Specifically, the development of atherosclerotic complications, including cerebrovascular, peripheral vascular, and cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, must be compared in patients with normal versus abnormal lipid profiles. These(More)
Paragangliomas are rare with multicentricity being more common in patients with familial history. Early recognition of the characteristic symptoms of headache, palpitations, and diaphoresis in a patient with hypertension and prompt appropriate intervention can minimize the morbidity associated with such tumors and prevent a potentially fatal outcome.(More)
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