Sri Sivakumar

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The cycloaddition of the von Leusen's reagent (p-tolylsulfonyl)methyl isocyanide (TosMIC) to alpha-aroylketene dithioacetals (AKDTAs) in the presence of sodium hydride in THF at rt resulted in a facile synthesis of the 4-aroyl-3-methylsulfanyl-2-tosylpyrroles 3 in good yield along with a minor amount of(More)
Towards the goal of development of a generic nanomaterial delivery system and delivery of the 'as prepared' nanoparticles without 'further surface modification' in a generic way, we have fabricated a hybrid polymer capsule as a delivery vehicle in which nanoparticles are loaded within their cavity. To this end, a generic approach to prepare(More)
The regeneration frequency of cotton (Gossypium spp.) is greatly influenced by its genetic makeup and recalcitrant nature. In particular, phenolic secretion is a major problem in cotton tissue culture. The present study was carried out to develop a rapid and efficient in vitro regeneration method, without phenolic secretion, from cotyledonary node explants(More)
In the title compound, C24H17NO2, the carbonyl O atom of the benzoyl group is cis with respect to the furanyl O atom, and the associated O-C-C-O torsion angle is 4.62 (19)°. The puckering of the dihydro-furan ring is close to twisted ((4) T 5), with parameters Q = 0.1856 (16) Å and φ = 313.5 (5)°. Mol-ecules are inter-connected via a C-H⋯N and a C-H⋯O(More)
The asymmetric unit of the title compound, C21H15Cl2N5O4, contains two independent mol-ecules (A and B) having similar conformations. The amine (NH2) group forms an intra-molecular hydrogen bond with the benzoyl group, giving an S(6) ring motif in both mol-ecules. The central six-membered rings adopt sofa conformations and the imidazole rings are planar(More)
In the title compound C21H17N5O4·C2H6OS, the central six-membered ring derived from 1,4-di-hydro-pyridine adopts a distorted boat conformation with a small puckering amplitude of 0.127 (3) Å. The sums of bond angles around the pyridine N atom [358.7 (2)°] and the other imidazolidine N atom [60 (2)°] indicate that these atoms are in sp(2) hybridization,(More)