Sri Sivakumar

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Bright green and red luminescence has been generated with a 980 nm diode laser from silica sol-gel thin films made with La0.45Yb0.50Er0.05F3 nanoparticles through a newly described(More)
Four dinuclear lanthanide complexes [Gd2 (H2L)2 (µ-piv)2 (piv)2]·2CHCl3 (1), [Tb2 (H2L)2 (µ-piv)2 (piv)2]·2CHCl3 (2), [Dy2 (H2L)2 (µ-piv)2 (piv)2]·2CHCl3 (3) and [Eu2 (H2L)2 (µ-piv)2 (piv)2]·2CHCl3(More)
The central governing factors that influence the efficiency of photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting reaction are photon absorption, effective charge-carrier separation, and surface(More)