Sri Sathya Sai

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Matching interface problems are a class of interface problems wherein two different differential equations are defined on adjacent intervals with matching interface conditions at the common point of interface. In literature, we see that a lot of work has been done for this kind of problems when the interface is regular and also when the end points are(More)
In this paper we present existence and uniqueness results for BVPs associated with singular interface problems. Classical fixed point theorems are used for proving the existence and uniqueness results for these problems. We discuss two applications in the field of acoustic wave guides in ocean and transverse vibration of strings.
AbSTrAcT This chapter provides a summary relating to the functioning of two projects in the two Southern States of India, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala, to show how through broadband deployment in rural areas the digital divide can be bridged. By focusing on the implementation of the two projects, the chapter illustrates their contribution in practically using(More)
—Far-End crosstalk is a common problem in a printed circuit boards when two transmission lines are in close proximity. This paper proposes a newly designed method to reduce the far-end crosstalk using metamaterials as a complementary split ring resonator (CSRRs). The CSRRs are etched in the ground plane and are used to control the radiated electromagnetic(More)
Every network adapter has a Media Access Control address. It is permanently embedded in the fireware of the adapter. We may also hear people refer to the Media access control address as MAC address, the physical address, the hardware address, or the adapter address. An attacker wishing to disrupt a wireless network has a wide arsenal available to them. Many(More)
—Data mining is used to extract meaningful information and to develop significant relationships among variables stored in large data sets involving methods from statistics and artificial intelligence but also management. In this paper data mining technique named association technique is applied to analyze the patterns which depicts the relationship between(More)
Software Cache promises to increase programma-bility and performance in certain applications such as those with irregular memory references on multi-core architectures like the cell processor where on chip memory is a precious resource. We discuss the need for software cache, design and implementation of a simple software cache on the Cell Broadband Engine.(More)
The present report describes the behavioural and psychological changes in a 55-year-old depressed male who displayed hypomania after the use of fluvoxamine in addition to other antidepressant medications. The patient experienced his first major depressive episode after the bankruptcy of his company. When fluvoxamine was prescribed at a dose of 50 mg/day in(More)
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