Sri Rama Prasanna Pavani

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Photo-activation localization microscopy is a far-field superresolution imaging technique based on the localization of single molecules with subdiffraction limit precision. Known under acronyms such as PALM (photo-activated localization microscopy) or STORM (stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy), these techniques achieve superresolution by allowing(More)
We introduce a quantitative phase imaging method for homogeneous objects with a bright field transmission microscope by using an amplitude mask and a digital processing algorithm. A known amplitude pattern is imaged on the sample plane containing a thick phase object by placing an amplitude mask in the field diaphragm of the microscope. The phase object(More)
We demonstrate an integrated holographic optical tweezers system with double-helix point spread function (DH-PSF) imaging for high precision three-dimensional multi-particle tracking. The tweezers system allows for the creation and control of multiple optical traps in three-dimensions, while the DH-PSF allows for high precision, 3D, multiple-particle(More)
Appropriate PSF engineering in microscopy can be used to increase resolution [1], reduce aberrations [2] or to extend the depth-of-field (DOF) [3,4,5]. This study concentrates on PSF engineering in EDF microscopy. Most extended DOF techniques require image restoration by e.g. regularized filtering to achieve high lateral resolution and extended DOF(More)
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