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A development of a clinical group decision support system (CGDSS) has been carried out for diagnosing both neurosis and personality disorders. The knowledge, stored in the knowledge base, were generated from the aggregated preferences given by decision makers. Two types of preferences used here, i.e. the preferences of a mental evidence by a mental(More)
This research is aimed to build a Clinical Group Decision Support System model that is used to diagnose the mental disorder. This model makes use of the experts’ competence to give their preferences for some features related with the kinds of mental disorder. The knowledge base is built based on those preferences through preference aggregation process using(More)
In this paper, the fuzzy takagi-sugeno method, one of fuzzy inference system, is proposed to evaluate Beck Depression Inventory II Test (BDI II-Test). BDI II-Test is an assessment tool by healthcare professionals and researchers to diagnose someone’s depression level in the fields of psychology and psychiatry. In this case, all the depressed(More)
The main idea in this research is the utilization of Fuzzy C Means (FCM) method as the determination of patient's nutritional status, which is implemented, in mobile application. Parameters used to cluster nutritional status are height, weight and age. The result of the decision will give 3 clusters on nutritional status is good nutrition, malnutrition and(More)
Case-based reasoning (CBR) can be used for counseling troubled students. The system was built using a CBR called the "case-based system." In this research, the system is expected to assist the academic advisor to solve the problems faced by every student. The selection of the CBR on the system to be designed is based on the results of observation and(More)
This study proposes two specific prototype systems used for the physical examination of skin diseases by a doctor. The objective of this study is to enhance the comfort level of the doctor while performing physical examination of skin diseases using a computer-assisted system. In the previous study, we found that physicians were more comfortable with the(More)
In Indonesia, patient complaints are recorded in the form of free-text data or a narrative text by the doctor when taking the medical history or conducting the medical interview. This text, although recorded in electronic medical records (EMR), is difficult to process computationally because the computer does not recognize natural language. The structure of(More)
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