Sreerangam N. C. V. L. Pushpavalli

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Argonaute-1 (Ago-1) plays a crucial role in gene regulation and genome stability via biogenesis of small non-coding RNAs. Two “Argonaute” family genes, piwi and Ago-2 in Drosophila are involved in multiple silencing mechanisms in the nucleus, transgene cosuppression, long-distant chromosome interaction, nuclear organization and heterochromatin formation. To(More)
Histone modulations have been implicated in various cellular and developmental processes where in Drosophila Mof is involved in acetylation of H4K16. Reduction in the size of larval imaginal discs is observed in the null mutants of mof with increased apoptosis. Deficiency involving Hid, Reaper and Grim [H99] alleviated mof RNAi induced apoptosis in the eye(More)
SUMMARY Hybrid transgenes are often recognized as foreign genetic material by cell surveillance mechanisms and are repressed in expression inversely to their copy numbers. Here, we compare the expression of multiple Adh-promoter-white reporter (Adh-w) inserts in paired and unpaired configurations in Drosophila somatic cells. The unpaired copies exhibit a(More)
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