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Preface This report is a slightly revised version of my PhD thesis, incorporating some suggestions from my examiners and a few changes of my own. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my examiners, Dr Rob Arthan and Dr Martin Richards. i ii Acknowledgements I am grateful for the help and encouragement of many people over the past three years.(More)
Dependency graphs are used to model data and control ow in hardware and software design. In high-level synthesis of hardware, optimization and reenement transformations are used to transform dependency-graph-based speciications at the behavior level to dependency-graph-based implementations at the register-transfer level. Register-transfer-level(More)
The complexity of the Fibre Channel protocol poses a challenge to design its implementation " right-the-first-time ". In this work we have investigated the formal specification and mechanical verification of the Fibre Channel Protocol to address issues of correctness. We present abstract models of the FC-2 layer protocols in SpecCharts and the automated(More)
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