Sreemathi Harieaswar

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The purpose of this retrospective medical audit was to evaluate the effect of discontinuing routine administration of oral contrast material to oncology patients undergoing follow-up multidetector computed tomography (CT) on reader evaluation of study adequacy. Analysis of 100 patients' experience of CT shows that positive oral contrast material was their(More)
Intravascular injection of contrast media normally demonstrates only vascular structures, as the blood–brain barrier prevents contrast agents from permeating the cerebral capillaries [1]. However, there have been many reports of increased permeability of the blood–brain barrier after injection of contrast media, specifically post-angiography procedures. As(More)
BACKGROUND Lesions of the 'tail' of the parotid gland are difficult to assess clinically and provide a diagnostic dilemma on imaging, especially in the axial plane. Pedunculated lesions of the 'tail' of parotid can be mistaken for an extra parotid lesion. Accurate localisation of these lesions on imaging is essential to assist the clinical diagnosis, to(More)
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