Sreekumaran N. Nair

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To evaluate the effect of prophylactic epiphyseodesis of the greater trochanter in Perthes' disease, 62 children with unilateral Perthes' disease who underwent trochanteric epiphyseodesis combined with varus osteotomy of the femur during the active stage of the disease (mean age at surgery: 8.4 y) and 20 controls were followed up until skeletal maturity. On(More)
BACKGROUND Constitutional type of an individual or prakriti is the basic clinical denominator in Ayurveda, which defines physical, physiological, and psychological traits of an individual and is the template for individualized diet, lifestyle counseling, and treatment. The large number of phenotype description by prakriti determination is based on the(More)
DNA methylation and its perturbations are an established attribute to a wide spectrum of phenotypic variations and disease conditions. Indian traditional system practices personalized medicine through indigenous concept of distinctly descriptive physiological, psychological and anatomical features known as prakriti. Here we attempted to establish DNA(More)
To study how a femoral osteotomy alters the natural evolution of Perthes' disease, records and radiographs of 640 patients with Perthes' disease were analyzed. The data of 314 patients who underwent femoral osteotomy were compared with those of non-operated patients. A new modification of classification of the stages of evolution of the disease was used to(More)
The practice of Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, is based on the concept of three major constitutional types (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) defined as "Prakriti". To the best of our knowledge, no study has convincingly correlated genomic variations with the classification of Prakriti. In the present study, we performed genome-wide SNP (single(More)
Child sexual abuse (CSA) is a universal problem with grave life-long outcomes. The estimates vary widely depending on the country under study, the definitions used, the type of CSA studied, the extent of coverage, and quality of data. This study intended to assess the magnitude and the issues related to CSA. We searched databases such as PubMed, Google(More)
AIM This study aimed to determine if a new measure of sphericity of the femoral head, the Sphericity Deviation Score (SDS), could be estimated reliably at the stage of healing of Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease (LCPD) and to determine if the SDS at the healing stage reflects the outcome at skeletal maturity. METHODS The SDS was measured with image analysis(More)