Sreejith Rajkumar

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In the recent era of computer electronic communication we are currently facing the critical impact of Deception which plays its vital role in the mode of affecting efficient information sharing system. Identifying Deception in any mode of communication is a tedious process without using the proper tool for detecting those vulnerabilities. This paper deals(More)
Nowadays computer mediated communication is an essential part of our efficient Information sharing system. Most of our recent communications are performed by using SMS, Email, Chatting (Text/audio/video), twitting etc among our sophisticated world of wireless communication. But criminals or antisocial elements often intentionally falsify their identity in(More)
The sequential pattern mining on progressive databases is comparatively very new, in which progressively find out the sequential patterns in time of interest. Time of interest is a sliding window which is continuously move forwards as the time goes by. As the focus of sliding window changes, the new items are added to the dataset of interest and obsolete(More)
Traditional interdomain routing algorithms such as Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) rely on bilateral peering agreements between service providers to support end-to-end connectivity in the Internet. Network end users have very little control in the selection of these routes. Instead, network users are given a route to their destination with little or no(More)
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