Sreedevi Srinivasan

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BACKGROUND The objective of this study is to explore differences in crown-to-root angulation between lateral incisors adjacent to palatally impacted canines (PICs) and lateral incisors adjacent to normally erupted canines (NECs). METHODS Orthodontic records of 100 subjects (51 with PICs and 49 with NECs) were reviewed. Crown-to-root angulations of all(More)
Directed gene transfer into specific cell lineages in vivo is an attractive approach for both modulating gene expression and correcting inherited mutations such as emphysema caused by human alpha1 antitrypsin (hAAT) deficiency. However, somatic tissues are mainly comprised of heterogeneous, differentiated cell lineages that can be short lived and difficult(More)
The integration of basic and clinical sciences in dental curricula enhances the application of basic science principles to clinical decision making and improves students' critical thinking. The aim of this study was to define the characteristics of U.S. dental schools' curricula with regard to level of course integration and degree of incorporation of(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic periodontitis is a widely prevalent inflammatory condition of the supporting tissues of the teeth and is characterized by loss of teeth with an associated risk of systemic complications. Regenerative therapies such as guided tissue and bone regeneration form an important armamentarium in periodontics with a high degree of outcome(More)
To begin to understand the surprising survival of macrophage-specific lipopolysaccharide-induced tumor necrosis factor alpha factor-deficient (macLITAF(-/-)) animals after a lethal dose of lipopolysaccharide (LPS), as reported earlier, the present follow-up study focuses on the role of LITAF in the regulation of inflammatory cytokines secreted in response(More)
During ontogeny, the nasal septum exerts a morphogenetic influence on the surrounding facial skeleton. While the influence of the septum is well established in long snouted animal models, its role in human facial growth is less clear. If the septum is a facial growth center in humans, we would predict that deviated septal growth would be associated with(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to determine the number of hospital Emergency Department (ED) visits with a diagnosis of oral candidiasis for the year 2007 in the USA and to identify the comorbid conditions associated with it. STUDY DESIGN The Nationwide Emergency Department Sample (NEDS) for 2007 was employed in this study. Patients who visited the(More)
Introduction: Nasal septal deviation may contribute to facial asymmetry. The purpose of this study was to assess the relationship between nasal septal deviation and facial asymmetry using three-dimensional geometric morphometric methods. Methods: Computed tomographic scans were made of n=55 adult subjects, and septal deviation was calculated as a percentage(More)
Although multiple-use dental napkin holders have a relatively low risk of transmitting infection, they do require disinfection between patients. This study sought to: 1) determine the presence of bacterial load on two types of clips of reusable bib chains after dental procedures at the Endodontics and Orthodontics clinics at Tufts University School of(More)
OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study were to determine the number of hospital emergency department (ED) visits with a diagnosis of herpetic gingivostomatitis (HGS) for 2007 in the United States and to identify the possible comorbid conditions associated with HGS. STUDY DESIGN The Nationwide Emergency Department Sample for 2007 was used in this study.(More)