Sreedevi Srinivasan

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Directed gene transfer into specific cell lineages in vivo is an attractive approach for both modulating gene expression and correcting inherited mutations such as emphysema caused by human alpha1 antitrypsin (hAAT) deficiency. However, somatic tissues are mainly comprised of heterogeneous, differentiated cell lineages that can be short lived and difficult(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of this study is to explore differences in crown-to-root angulation between lateral incisors adjacent to palatally impacted canines (PICs) and lateral incisors adjacent to normally erupted canines (NECs). METHODS Orthodontic records of 100 subjects (51 with PICs and 49 with NECs) were reviewed. Crown-to-root angulations of all(More)
During ontogeny, the nasal septum exerts a morphogenetic influence on the surrounding facial skeleton. While the influence of the septum is well established in long snouted animal models, its role in human facial growth is less clear. If the septum is a facial growth center in humans, we would predict that deviated septal growth would be associated with(More)
love and support has helped guide and encourage me through all of my endeavors. To my friends and countless others who have journeyed with me and helped me along the way, Thank you. ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to use this opportunity to thank all of those individuals who have helped me complete this project. To start, I would like to thank Dr. Nathan(More)
Part of the Orthodontics and Orthodontology Commons Recommended Citation Wees, Julie Marie. "Short lower anterior face height: phenotypic diversity." MS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank my husband, Paul, for his immeasurable support and encouragement during residency. I would also like to thank Drs. for their knowledge and input while serving on my(More)
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