Sree Nilakanta

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Data warehouses have become an instant phenomenon in many large organizations that deal with massive amounts of information. Drawing on the experiences from the systems development ®eld, we surmise that an effective design tool will enhance the success of warehouse implementations. Thus, we present a CASE tool designed to generate the SQL queries necessary(More)
The ability to use the Internet can provide an important contribution to an older adult’s quality of life. Communication via email with family, friends and service providers has become a critical factor for improving ones ability to cope with modern society as individual’s age. The problem is that as users age, natural physical and cognitive impairments(More)
In the past few years, there has been a growth in Internet markets run by online investment bankers, where companies and investors can buy and sell initial public offerings (IPOs) of corporate stock. In this study, we confine our examination to the first of what we anticipate will be several phases in the evolution of Internet IPOs: the online distribution(More)
The number of data sources that an organization has to deal with continues to be nontrivial. Integrating this data is a growing problem. A great deal of research has been done to solve the general problem. Work on topics like multidatabase, mediators, and ontologies has been directed at solving the general data integration problem. While all of this(More)
The successful adoption of inter-organizational systems (IOS) requires the cooperation of participating firms with complex business and economic relationships. This study examines the impact of inter-organizational relationships on the adoption and diffusion of a category of IOS called Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) that supports the electronic(More)