Sree Aurovindh Viswanathan

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This fMRI study investigates the neural mechanisms supporting the retrieval of action semantics. A novel motor imagery task was used in which participants were required to imagine planning actions with a familiar object (e.g. a toothbrush) or with an unfamiliar object (e.g. a pair of pliers) based on either goal-related information (i.e. where to move the(More)
Effective collaborative behavior between students is neither spontaneous nor continuous. A system that can measure collaboration in real-time may be useful. For instance, it could alert an instructor that a group needs attention. We tested whether superficial measures of speech and user interactions of students would suffice for measuring collaboration. As(More)
While the advent of open source code search tools have made the source code of thousands of open source software (OSS) readily accessible, thereby increasing legitimate reuse, it has also opened up the possibility of unconscientious employees plagiarizing code from OSS repositories. Plagiarism in proprietary software would not only lead to costly lawsuits,(More)
There exist a number of large legacy systems that still undergo continuous maintenance and enhancement. Due to the sheer size and complexity of the software systems and limited resources, managers are confronted with crucial decisions regarding allocation and training of new engineers, intelligent allocation of testing personnel, assessment of release(More)
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