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The internal thoracic artery is the most effective conduit for coronary artery bypass surgery; however, most patients have multivessel disease and require additional saphenous vein or radial artery grafts. In this systematic review of the literature and meta-analysis, we aim to compare reported patency rates for these conduits and explore if differences are(More)
Low grade gliomas (LGG) contribute to 50% of all central nervous tumors in children and 15% of all gliomas in adults. Temozolomide (TMZ) is an oral alkylating agent with activity in high and LGG. Various regimens of TMZ are currently in use. We attempted to assess the impact of different TMZ regimens on the treatment of LGG. A systematic review of the(More)
INTRODUCTION The value of pleural lavage cytology (PLC) in assessing the prognosis of early stage lung cancer is still controversial. No systematic review has investigated the relationship between PLC and lung cancer recurrence. Our primary goal was to investigate the association between positive pre-resection PLC and pleural, distant and overall tumour(More)
Uterine transplantation has been proposed as a possible solution to absolute uterine factor infertility untreatable by any other option. Since the first human attempt in 2000, various teams have tried to clarify which immunosuppressant would be most suitable for protecting the allogeneic uterine graft while posing a minimal risk to the fetus. Cyclosporine A(More)
Contemporary thoracic and cardiovascular surgery uses extensive equipment and devices to enable its performance. As the specialties develop and new frontiers are crossed, the technology needs to advance in a parallel fashion. Strokes of genius or problem-solving brain-storming may generate great ideas, but the metamorphosis of an idea into a physical(More)
AIM To see if: (i) a large vessel aortocaval vascular patch technique may bring about long-term graft survival after allogeneic uterine transplantation (UTn) in a rabbit model; and (ii) fertility can be achieved following natural mating post-allogeneic UTn. METHODS Allogeneic uterine cross transplantations were performed in New Zealand white rabbits using(More)
  • Giuseppe Del Priore, Srdjan Saso, +6 authors J Richard Smith
  • 2013
A group of experts gathered in Indianapolis in December 2011 to address lingering concerns related to uterus transplantation (UTn). They represent a multi-national group of four research teams who have worked for over 15 years on bringing UTn to reality for patients. Presented here are a set of parameters that must be considered in order for UTn to become(More)
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