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In this paper we analyse the performance of Mobile IP (MIP) handoffs with respect to the three available MIP movement detection methods, namely Lazy Cell Switching, Prefix Matching and Eager Cell Switching. The network scenario considered involves single-agent subnetworks and Mobile Nodes that do not have the capability to contemporarily participate in(More)
This document looks into the ability of the DOCSIS MAC protocol to recover from service disruption events such as unexpected shut down due to power failure. The issue is that unlike normal operation a large number of modems will attempt to range simultaneously as soon as service is restored. Modem populations up to 200 were used. The results presented in(More)
This paper describes the prototype of an Interactive Tutoring system. The prototype enables a Malay monolingual user to generate computer-based tutorials without any programming knowledge, serves as a multiple domain tutor to English monolingual users who are learning Malay, and the prototype also incorporates an English-Malay translation ability. Based on(More)
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