Spyros Sioutas

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In this paper we introduce a novel distributed simulation environment with GUI for P2P simulations (D-P2P-Sim). The key aim is to provide the appropriate integrated set of tools in a single software solution to evaluate the performance of various protocols. The basic architecture of the distributed P2P simulator is based on a multi-threading, asynchronous,(More)
Abstract. In this paper we refer to the Temporal Precedence Problem on Pure Pointer Machines . This problem asks for the design of a data structure, maintaining a set of stored elements and supporting the following two operations: insert and precedes . The operation insert (a) introduces a new element a in the structure, while the operation precedes (a,b)(More)
This work presents TIRAMOLA, a cloud-enabled, open-source framework to perform automatic resizing of NoSQL clusters according to user-defined policies. Decisions on adding or removing worker VMs from a cluster are modeled as a Markov Decision Process and taken in real-time. The system automatically decides on the most advantageous cluster size according to(More)
We present a new finger search tree with O(loglogd) expected search time in the Random Access Machine (RAM) model of computation for a large class of input distributions. The parameter d represents the number of elements (distance) between the search element and an element pointed to by a finger, in a finger search tree that stores n elements. Our data(More)
NoSQL databases focus on analytical processing of large scale datasets, offering increased scalability over commodity hardware. One of their strongest features is elasticity, which allows for fairly portioned premiums and high-quality performance. Yet, the process of adaptive expansion and contraction of resources usually involves a lot of manual effort,(More)
In this paper we deal with security and historical privacy in Location Based Service (LBS) applications where users submit accurate location samples to an LBS provider. Specifically we propose a distributed scheme that establishes access control while protecting the privacy of a user in both sporadic and continuous LBS queries. Our solution employs a hybrid(More)
Web Services constitute an essential factor for the next generation of application integration. An important direction, apart from the optimization of the description mechanism, is the discovery of WS information and WS search engines lookup capabilities. In this paper, we propose a novel decentralized approach for Web Service discovery based on a new(More)
Artificial neural networks have been widely used for knowledge extraction from biomedical datasets and constitute an important role in bio-data exploration and analysis.In this work, we proposed a new curvilinear algorithm for training large neural networks which is based on the analysis of the eigenstructure of the memoryless BFGS matrices. The proposed(More)
The focus of this work is the on-demand resource provisioning in cloud computing, which is commonly referredto as cloud elasticity. Although a lot of effort has been invested in developing systems and mechanisms that enable elasticity, the elasticity decision policies tend to be designed without quantifying or guaranteeing the quality of their operation. We(More)