Spyros Kopsidas

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Transportation networks are open and accessible, by design, and thus vulnerable to malicious attacks. Transportation networks are integral parts of larger systems, where individual transportation networks form a network-of-networks within a defined geographical region. A security incident on an asset can propagate to new security incidents in interconnected(More)
In this paper we propose a user based architecture for the email system , where the recipient of an email message manage its receipt in conjunction with both origin and destination email servers. Messages are kept to the origin email server until a confirmation from the recipient is issued though the destination email server. Therefore, spam email doesn't(More)
In this paper we present the architectural design of a secure VoIP conference system for mobile devices, which is using the strong security mechanisms of the Z Real Time Transport Protocol (ZRTP). We also provide implementation fundamentals of the proposed system. We analyze the core elements and we present the primitive characteristics of the component(More)
—The main concern on the use of wireless technologies is security, due to the nature of the medium. User awareness in order to implement efficient security configurations is an important requirement raised by the technology, undermining its use. Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) was introduced as a viable solution to the problem, offering automatic network(More)
Handling multiple sets of network trouble tickets (TTs) originating from different participants' interconnected network environments poses a series of challenges for the involved institutions. A Grid is a good example of such a multi-domain project. Each of the participants follows different procedures for handling trouble in its domain, according to the(More)