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Although real time data processing consumes a significant portion of computing resources worldwide, we are moving rapidly from the age of "real time" towards the era of "next time". The term "next time" characterizes the combination of real time data flows from collective sources with massive computing power with the aim of predicting the future. In other(More)
The analysis of the high volume of statistics generated by web search engines worldwide on a daily basis, allow researchers to examine the relation between the user's search preferences and future facts. This analysis can be applied to various areas of society such as sales, epidemics, unemployment and elections. The paper investigates whether prediction of(More)
The paper explores the valuation of radio spectrum granted by the State to radio operators for radio program broadcasting. Radio spectrum may be one of the most tightly regulated resources of all time, since every wireless device, from mobile phones to traditional radio devices, depends on access to the radio frequency wireless spectrum. Due to the scarcity(More)
In our days the use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) for teaching is widely recognized that promotes the innovation and the effectiveness within all academic levels and in all teaching and training sectors. One of the main obstacles for the further penetration of e-learning is the existence of the Digital Divide across nations or / and(More)