Spyros Charonis

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BACKGROUND Vitamin D is beneficial in human and experimental chronic kidney disease, the leading cause of which is diabetic nephropathy. Vitamin D through its receptor, VDR, provides renal protection in diabetic nephropathy, but limited data exist about its effect on podocytes. Renal podocytes form the main filtration barrier possessing a unique phenotype(More)
Prediction and engineering of protein solubility is an important but imprecise area. While some features are routinely used, such as the avoidance of extensive non-polar surface area, scope remains for benchmarking of sequence and structural features with experimental data. We study properties in the context of experimental solubilities, protein gene(More)
Motivation Protein solubility is an important property in industrial and therapeutic applications. Prediction is a challenge, despite a growing understanding of the relevant physicochemical properties. Results Protein-Sol is a web server for predicting protein solubility. Using available data for Escherichia coli protein solubility in a cell-free(More)
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