Spyro Papademetriou

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Proxy SSSL session 1 SSSL session 2 SSSL handshaking and translation at client proxy (RPA) Most future networks will be hybrid in nature — having terrestrial nodes interconnected by satellite links. Security is an important concern in such networks, since the satellite segment is susceptible to a host of attacks, including eavesdropping, session hijacking(More)
There has been a large amount of research dedicated to extending the asymmetric networks provided by receive-only Direct Broadcast Satellite systems like Hughes Network Systems' DirecPC TM product. One way to further develop Direct Broadcast Satellite services and to ooset the high initial cost of these systems is to implement techniques that will allow one(More)
As ATM cells pass through an ATM network, they experience a variable amount of delay as a result of queuing and switching delays at the switches. Real-time applications need a low inter-cell arrival time variance or their real-time needs will not be meet. Therefore, in order to analyze the end-to-end performance of real-time applications or to estimate the(More)
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