Spyridon Papaloukas

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In this paper we use evaluation methods that are mainly used in software so as to assess the usability of a video game. More specifically we examine the strategy game "Civilization IV" as well as the tutorial of the game. The study is using during the process of the experiment original evaluation methods as well as combined and the final results are of(More)
— A substantial communication tool used in distance education is the asynchronous discussion fora. One of the most popular educational techniques used by fora of distance education is the educational technique of working groups which is the eminent technique that may be applied in all stages of a learning circle. This study uses a specific modelling made(More)
— In this paper, we introduce a new set of heuristics that can be used to carry out usability studies on new genre video games. The definition new genre games refers to videogames that use specific and unique equipment or are part of a general software category such as platforms of social networking. Based on videogame usability problems stated in game(More)
— Electronic discussion fora are increasingly becoming part of the distance education process and are an evolving field which needs to be constantly updated and redefined. This paper presents a system development for automated interpretation of messages in distance education fora by using a modelling in formal language.
—This paper presents an algorithms combination for representation of discussion threads messages in fora for distance education. This combination inputs discussion threads from distance education fora and outputs specific strings representing the messages of these threads according to concrete modelling based in a formal language.
Usability is considered as a very significant factor towards the wide acceptance of software applications. Although the usability evaluation can take place in different forms, the entire evaluation procedure usually follows prede-fined ways according to a classification of the common characteristics of software applications. However, contemporary Web 2.0(More)
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