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A very important issue for the introduction of 3G networks, is the flexible and ubiquitous service provision. Basic factors for the achievement of this goal are the introduction of open interfaces for the service accessibility to network information and reconfigurability. This necessitates the introduction of a generic framework for the overall service(More)
For the provision of downloadable Value Added Services (VASs) to mobile users, the introduction of an Integrated Software Re-configurable Platform is required. Re-configurability aspects have to be deployed not only at the mobile terminal side, but also throughout the application architecture at the fixed part of the network. MOBIVAS perspective is the(More)
3rd generation mobile communication networks (3G) have been heralded as a paradigm shift that will irreversibly change the structure of the telecommunications industry. In an ideal "3G world", roaming users will be offered an abundance of value-added services typically developed by independent service providers. It is commonly recognized that the plethora(More)
The evolution of 3 rd generation mobile systems introduces a new era in advanced multimedia service provision to mobile users. The concepts of service adaptability, downloadability and network reconfigurability based on terminal and user profiles and capabilities are aspects to be considered in the context of future mobile systems and networks enabling new(More)
The convergence of telecommunications industry and the Internet are about to alter the existing business models creating an open market, where a large number of independent application/service providers will offer their services to the users through a limited number of network providers. Furthermore, new concepts such as network reconfigurability and(More)
The provision of location-based services is expected to have essential impact in the competition among 3 rd Generation network operators. To support the realization of this functionality the standard UMTS infrastructure will probably need to be supplemented with additional intelligent components. Furthermore, flexible Location-based charging mechanisms have(More)
The evolution of mobile communication systems to 3G and beyond introduces a new era in advanced multimedia service provision to mobile users. The success of next generation networks is highly dependent on the availability of a plethora of functionality-rich applications, accessible via a variety of network infrastructures and terminals. This vision can be(More)