Springer W. Cox

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GPSS/PC is an implementation of GPSS, the General Purpose Simulation System. It was created primarily as an interactive simulation environment for personal computers and dedicated workstations. GPSS/PC is distinguished by its visibility and interactivity. With the introduction of Version 2, it has added interactive graphics and animation to its simulation(More)
GPSS (General Purpose Simulation System) is celebrating its 40<sup>th</sup> birthday this year. We recognize this notable birthday by assembling a panel of discussants consisting of some of the folks who have contributed significantly to GPSS and its use over the years. The panelists are Springer Cox (GPSS/PC and GPSS World), Jim Henriksen (GPSS/H and Proof(More)
Simulation Studiom is the optional component of the GPSS World'' " Simtttation Environment responsible for user-created graphics and the animation of simulations. It can operate in any of three modes: closely linked online with a simulation, as a Post-Processor, or as a stand-alone draw and animation program. It is currently scheduled for release in the(More)
The theoretical aspects of operational analysis have been considered more extensively than matters of its application in practical situations. Since its relationships differ in their applicability, they must be considered separately when they are applied. In order to do this, the foundations of three such relationships are examined from an empirical point(More)
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