Spotswood D. Stoddard

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A controlled experiment comparing the first-year approaches of in-depth study of programming methodology to breadth of experience in programming and languages is described. The experiment involves two groups of students who will follow different paths in the freshman year which converge in the sophomore year. Performance of students from each group in the(More)
Technological advances in large-scale integrated circuits have caused mini and micro computer usage to multiply in the last few years. This behooves academic to treat the mini/micro phenomenon adequately. The same multiplication process, however, makes choosing a minicomputer all the more difficult. The problem is compounded by the hardware and electronics(More)
Over the past few years we educators in computer science have become increasingly aware of the need for computer science education of pre-college teachers. The ES<supscrpt>3</supscrpt> committee is working on an organized approach to this need; however, as more and more high and elementary schools offer instruction in computer programming and related CS(More)
In offering the course we posed thre e questions to ourselves : (1) Given a studen t body in large part oriented toward busines s systems, MIS, high-level languages, and batc h processing, can we generate sufficient interes t in an Assembler-level, hands-on, systems-programming type course . (2) Given the same student body as (1) above, can we cover enoug h(More)
A small operating system suitable for implementation by intermediate level students as a laboratory assignment is described. Although purposely reduced to essentials, the system will actually execute a stream of user jobs. The system is structured in such a way that extensions in various directions are straightforward once the basic system is implemented.
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