Spomenka Kobe

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The electrochemical behavior of polycrystalline TiO 2 anatase coatings prepared by a one-step hydrothermal synthesis on commercially pure (CP) Ti grade 2 and a Ti13Nb13Zr alloy for bone implants was investigated in Hank's solution at 37.5 ° C. The aim was to verify to what extent the in-situ-grown anatase improved the behavior of the substrate in comparison(More)
The long-term (6 months) oxidization of hcp-InN (wurtzite, InN-w) nanostructures (crystalline/amorphous) synthesized on Si [100] substrates is analyzed. The densely packed layers of InN-w nanostructures (5-40 nm) are shown to be oxidized by atmospheric oxygen via the formation of an intermediate amorphous In-Ox-Ny (indium oxynitride) phase to a final(More)
The basic and applied research in the Department for Nanostructured Materials includes ceramic materials, metals, intermetallic alloys and minerals. Our research encompasses conventional processing as well as the development of new technologies and methods for preparing new materials with novel properties. It includes experimental and theoretical(More)
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