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This research proposes a parametric estimation of the structural dynamic efficiency measures proposed by Silva and Oude Lansink (2009). Overall, technical and allocative efficiency measurements are derived based on a directional distance function and the duality between this function and the optimal value function. The applicability of the parametric(More)
This paper estimates dynamic efficiency in the Spanish construction industry before and during the current financial crisis over the period 2001-2009. Static efficiency measures are biased in a context of a significant economic crisis with large investments and disinvestments as they do not account for costs in the adjustment of quasi-fixed factors. The(More)
Layout-dependent effects (LDE) as they are encountered in modern semiconductor technology processes are addressed and considered in this work. In particular, their effect on inductor modeling is discussed based on experimental results of devices fabricated and characterized in a 40 nm technology process. The proposed vector based modeling approach is(More)
This article develops the decomposition of the dynamic Luenberger productivity growth indicator into dynamic technical change, dynamic technical inefficiency change and dynamic scale inefficiency change in the dynamic directional distance function context using Data Envelopment Analysis. These results are used to investigate for the Spanish food processing(More)