Spiridoula Vazou

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At least 60 min of daily physical activity (PA) are recommended for weight control, a target achieved by only 3% of obese (OB) women. The purposes of this study were to examine (i) the affective responses of normal-weight (NW), overweight (OW), and OB middle-aged sedentary women to exercise of increasing intensity and (ii) the relationship of affective(More)
We examined the affective consequences of an exercise intensity that slightly exceeded the preferred level. Twenty-five middle-age sedentary women participated in two 20-min treadmill exercise bouts, one during which they could select the speed and one during which the speed was 10 per cent higher than the self-selected. During the bout at self-selected(More)
This study examined (a) variations in the perceptions of peer- and coach-generated motivational climate within and between teams and (b) individual- and group-level factors that can account for these variations. Participants were 483 athletes between 12 and 16 years old. The results showed that perceptions of both peer- and coach-generated climate varied as(More)
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