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Formation and Degradation of Furfuryl Alcohol, 5-Methylfurfuryl Alcohol, Vanillyl Alcohol, and Their Ethyl Ethers in Barrel-Aged Wines.
Furfural, 5-methylfurfural, and vanillin co-occurred in 64 barrel-aged red, white, and model wines with the reduction products, furfuryl alcohol, 5-methylfurfuryl alcohol, and vanillyl alcohol, andExpand
THE general attitude toward the subject of land ownership and tenancy in this country has been determined by our very recent emergence from the pioneer stage of agricultural development. In thatExpand
Characterization of direct selected cDNAs from the BRCA1 region of 17q21
A gene involved in the development of early-onset familial breast and ovarian cancer, BRCA1, has been mapped to human chromosome 17q21. Polymorphisms closely linked to BRCA1 has been sublocalized toExpand