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Pycket: a tracing JIT for a functional language
We present Pycket, a high-performance tracing JIT compiler for Racket. Pycket supports a wide variety of the sophisticated features in Racket such as contracts, continuations, classes, structures,Expand
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Sound gradual typing: only mostly dead
While gradual typing has proven itself attractive to programmers, many systems have avoided sound gradual typing due to the run time overhead of enforcement. In the context of sound gradual typing,Expand
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Interactions between frequency and size of disturbance affect competitive outcomes
Disturbance has many effects on ecological communities, and it is often suggested that disturbance can affect species diversity by altering competitive outcomes. However, disturbance regimes haveExpand
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Coagulase positive staphylococcal infection: a major cause of eczema exacerbations.
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Effects of Gas Dynamics on Rapidly Collapsing Bubbles
The dynamics of rapidly collapsing bubbles are of great interest due to the high degree of energy focusing that occurs withing the bubble. Molecular dynamics provides a way to model the interior ofExpand