Spencer Salazar

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We explore the potential for and implications of musical (or proto-musical) social interaction and collaboration using currently available technologies embedded into mobile phones. The dynamics of this particular brand of social intercourse and the emergence of an associated aesthetic is described. The clichéd concept of a global village is made a vibrant(More)
ChucK, a powerful audio synthesis programming language, currently supporting only a simple command line interface. Accompanying the ongoing development of the ChucK language is the production of two new interfaces for ChucK, the ChucK shell and the miniAudicle. The ChucK shell provides a lightweight method of access to ChucK in a shell-like console(More)
ChucK is a programming language designed for computer music. It aims to be expressive and straightforward to read and write with respect to time and concurrency, and to provide a platform for precise audio synthesis and analysis and for rapid experimentation in computer music. In particular, ChucK defines the notion of a strongly timed audio programming(More)
Satellite CCRMA is a platform for making embedded musical instruments and embedded installations. The project aims to help prototypes live longer by providing a complete prototyping platform in a single, small, and stand-alone embedded form factor. A set of scripts makes it easier for artists and beginning technical students to access powerful features,(More)
SoundCraft is a framework that enables real-time data gathering from a StarCraft 2 game to external software applications, allowing for musical interpretation of the game’s internal structure and strategies in novel ways. While players battle each other for victory within the game world, a custom StarCraft 2 map collects and writes out data about players’(More)
As we continue to strive toward a deeper understanding of human social interaction, the playing field continues to change beneath our feet. Ever swiftly, in even the last decade, the means by which we interact, the frequency in which we do so, even the meaning of interaction within daily life continues to evolve as humans become connected in novel ways—one(More)
The combination of powerful mobile devices and the connective potential of cloud-based computing are changing how, where, and when people use computers. No longer physically tethered, computers embedded in mobile phones and tablets freely roam in daily life alongside their human users while persistently connected to the network. At the same time, the(More)