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This paper describes the Halmstad University entry in the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge, which is a competition in vehicle platooning. Cooperative platooning has the potential to improve traffic flow by mitigating shock wave effects, which otherwise may occur in dense traffic. A longitudinal controller that uses information exchanged via wireless(More)
Traffic congestion is a large and growing problem in many countries due to an ever increasing number of vehicles. Increasing capacity by simply extending the road infrastructure is in many places impossible due to space and cost limitations. Everyday, people spend countless hours in car queues all over the world. The existing road infrastructure must be(More)
With limited road infrastructure and increasing number of vehicles on the road, an intelligent transport system is needed to increase the throughput in traffic and minimize traffic jams in highly populated areas. The purpose of this project is to design and implement a control system that is capable of driving and following the preceding vehicle(More)
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