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x0. Introduction (0.1). The purpose of this paper is to construct a spectral sequence from the motivic cohomology of a eld F to its algebraic K-theory: Here we deene motivic cohomology via higher Chow groups 2], 5] X t i ? 1) for the aane p-simplex. We have face and degeneracy maps deened in the usual way.
0. Introduction 0.1. Secondary (Chern-Simons) characteristic classes associated to bundles with connection play an important role in differential geometry. We propose to investigate a related construction for algebraic bundles. Non-flat algebraic connections for bundles on complex pro-jective manifolds are virtually non-existent (we know of none), and a(More)
The cosimplicial scheme ∆ • = ∆ was used in [2] to define higher Chow groups. In this note, we let t tend to 0 and replace ∆ • by a degenerate version Q • = Q to define an additive version of the higher Chow groups. For a field k, we show the Chow group of 0-cycles on Q n in this theory is isomorphic to the absolute (n − 1)-Kähler forms Ω n−1 k. An(More)
INTRODUCTION Urban minority groups, such as those living in north Manhattan, are generally underserved with regard to cancer prevention and screening practices. Primary care physicians are in a critical position to counsel their patients on these subjects and to order screening tests for their patients. METHODS Eighty-four primary care physicians in two(More)
INTRODUCTION Effective preventive services are needed most in underserved, inner-city settings that suffer disproportionately from morbidity and mortality. Primary care physicians can play an important role in the provision of efficacious cancer prevention and screening services to patients in these communities. METHOD We surveyed 122 primary care(More)