Spencer Greenberg

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We present an extensive analysis of relative deviation bounds, including detailed proofs of twosided inequalities and their implications. We also give detailed proofs of two-sided generalization bounds that hold in the general case of unbounded loss functions, under the assumption that a moment of the loss is bounded. These bounds are useful in the analysis(More)
PURPOSE To identify effective self-persuasion protocols that could easily be adapted to face-to-face clinical sessions or health-related computer applications as a first step in breaking patient resistance. DESIGN Two self-persuasion interventions were tested against 2 controls in a between-subject randomized control experiment. SETTING GuidedTrack-a(More)
In this paper we consider the set of positive points at which a polynomial with positive coefficients, arbitrary dimension n, and real exponents is equal to a fixed positive constant c. We find that when this set is nonempty and is bestowed with the relative Euclidean topology coming from R, it is homeomorphic to a codimension one piecewise linear set that(More)
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