Spencer Bloch

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The cosimplicial scheme ∆ • = ∆ was used in [2] to define higher Chow groups. In this note, we let t tend to 0 and replace ∆ • by a degenerate version Q • = Q to define an additive version of the higher Chow groups. For a field k, we show the Chow group of 0-cycles on Q n in this theory is isomorphic to the absolute (n − 1)-Kähler forms Ω n−1 k. An(More)
0. Introduction 0.1. Secondary (Chern-Simons) characteristic classes associated to bundles with connection play an important role in differential geometry. We propose to investigate a related construction for algebraic bundles. Non-flat algebraic connections for bundles on complex pro-jective manifolds are virtually non-existent (we know of none), and a(More)
Prototypical respiratory-facial-postural actions ('emotional effector patterns') related to six basic emotions had been extracted from an ensemble of physiological reactions present in subjects reliving intense emotional situations (Bloch & Santibañez, 1972). Subjects reproducing these actions could evoke the corresponding subjective experience, which(More)
Local Fourier transforms, analogous to the ℓ-adic local Fourier transforms [14], are constructed for connections over k((t)). Following a program of Katz [12], a meromorphic connection on a curve is shown to be rigid, i.e. determined by local data at the singularities, if and only if a certain infinitesimal rigidity condition is satisfied. As in [12], the(More)