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The cosimplicial scheme ∆ • = ∆ was used in [2] to define higher Chow groups. In this note, we let t tend to 0 and replace ∆ • by a degenerate version Q • = Q to define an additive version of the higher Chow groups. For a field k, we show the Chow group of 0-cycles on Q n in this theory is isomorphic to the absolute (n − 1)-Kähler forms Ω n−1 k. An(More)
0. Introduction 0.1. Secondary (Chern-Simons) characteristic classes associated to bundles with connection play an important role in differential geometry. We propose to investigate a related construction for algebraic bundles. Non-flat algebraic connections for bundles on complex pro-jective manifolds are virtually non-existent (we know of none), and a(More)
Prototypical respiratory-facial-postural actions ('emotional effector patterns') related to six basic emotions had been extracted from an ensemble of physiological reactions present in subjects reliving intense emotional situations (Bloch & Santibañez, 1972). Subjects reproducing these actions could evoke the corresponding subjective experience, which(More)
This paper is devoted to the study of the relationship between the subjective component (feelings) and the behavioral aspect of emotions. The following emotions were studied: fear-anxiety, anger-aggression, joy-laughter, love-eroticism, love-tenderness, and sadness-tears. The observations were performed with three different groups of people: patients with(More)