Spela Pezdevsek Malovrh

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Lignocellulosic substrates are widely available but not easily applied in biogas production due to their poor anaerobic degradation. The effect of bioaugmentation by anaerobic hydrolytic bacteria on biogas production was determined by the biochemical methane potential assay. Microbial biomass from full scale upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor treating(More)
Forestry decision-makers in Slovenia and Serbia share common objectives: development of a more coherent policy for private forests and involvement of different ownership groups in policy deliberation and development, as well as increased management levels in private forests that are currently below their productive potential. Successful achievement of these(More)
Renewable energy sources have received significant attention in European countries as a result of increasing dependence on energy imports and concerns over high prices of fuels and climate change. Although private forests in Croatia account for less than one quarter of all forests, they may play an important role in woody biomass energy production, due to(More)
Forest-energy chain in Tuscany: economic, environmental and social effects in several mountain territories and possible trade-off between traditional production and new energy products 36 6. Stakeholders' perceptions on Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) in a rural district of Southern Italy 93 13. Jean-Luc Peyron Economic analysis of forest adaptation to(More)
Among other factors, harvesting intensity in private forests depends on property, resource and forest owner characteristics. The research was conducted in Slovenia, a Central European country with very fragmented and small-scale forest property, a large number of owners and co-owners and a long tradition of sustainable forest management. In the nationwide(More)
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