Spain King

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Selective occlusion of tumor vasculature was tested as a therapy for solid tumors in a mouse model. The formation of blood clots (thrombosis) within the tumor vessels was initiated by targeting the cell surface domain of human tissue factor, by means of a bispecific antibody, to an experimentally induced marker on tumor vascular endothelial cells. This(More)
I ntercellular junctions in the endothelium regulate the permeability between blood and tissues and thereby play an essential role in tissue homeostasis and inflammatory responses. Endothelial cell–cell contacts contain tight junctions and adherens junctions (AJ), which are also found in epithelium, as well as some junctional proteins that are unique to(More)
Inhibitors of angiogenesis hold potential in the treatment of cancer and other diseases where the disease is caused or maintained by the inappropriate growth of blood vessels. In the present study, a novel inhibitor of angiogenesis was synthesized by covalently linking a nonanticoagulating derivative of heparin, heparin adipic hydrazide (HAH), by an(More)
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