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Social Network Analysis is mapping and measuring of relationships and flows of information between people, organizations, computers, or other information or knowledge processing entities. Social media systems such as blogs, LinkedIn, you tube are allows users to share content media, etc. Blog is a social network notepad service with consider on user(More)
An alpha-zein promoter isolated from maize containing P-box, E motif sequence TGTAAAGT, opaque-2 box and TATA box was studied for its tissue-specific expression in rice. A 1,098 bp promoter region of alpha-zein gene, fused to the upstream of gusA reporter gene was used for transforming rice immature embryos (ASD 16 or IR 64) via the particle(More)
Air pollution has been the bane of society for which we still have not got a satisfying solution. The air pollution due to automobiles constitutes around 60--90% of the total air pollution in the urban area. To curtail this, the mass transportation, bus facilities in particular, in any city has to be fine tuned in such a way that they serve the need of the(More)
The introduction of ATM is an important technological development for the financial institutions which has made the banks to provide a 24/7 customer service. They have become a convenient way of doing the financial transactions for both banks and the customers. Customers can use the ATM's service at any time. But this technological development has also lead(More)
Pervasive computing is the embedded technology and computing as communication is made to appear everywhere and anywhere. This developed many possible solution to many problems in various fields. In healthcare its applicability is less while comparing to other fields, so the pervasive computing is emerging vastly in healthcare service and known to be(More)
Social networking has become very popular during the past few years, but it can still very difficult to understand for someone new to social networking. Social networking is based on a certain structure that allow people to both express their individuality and meet people with similar interests. This structure includes having profiles, friends, blog posts,(More)
Organisations often face the challenges of migration from legacy systems to new target systems. Such migration efforts represent a complex engineering problem. This paper describes migration planning, identifies influencing factors, outlines a set of migration planning activities and offers a set of guidelines for the migration planning.
This paper presents a study of the various aspects of link prediction and page ranking in blogs. Social networks have taken on a new eminence from the prospect of the analysis of social networks, which is a recent area of research which grew out of the social sciences as well as the exact sciences, especially with the computing capacity for mathematical(More)