Soyoung Kwon

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The aim of this study was to identify the mechanism underlying the auditory discriminatory process reflected in mismatch negativity (MMN), using time-frequency analysis of single-trial event-related potentials (ERPs). METHODS Two auditory tones of different probabilities (oddball paradigm) and the same probability (control paradigm)(More)
Attention allows our brain to focus its limited resources on a given task. It does so by selective modulation of neural activity and of functional connectivity (FC) across brain-wide networks. While there is extensive literature on activity changes, surprisingly few studies examined brain-wide FC modulations that can be cleanly attributed to attention(More)
We explored the value of skeuomorphism as an icon style particularly for the elderly people. To identify the proper approach of skeuomorphism we articulated two factors such as degree of realism and level abstraction. We employed "call", "contact", and "camera" icons and created eight alternatives, four degrees of realism by two levels of abstraction for(More)
Electroencephalography (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) are noninvasive neuroimaging tools which can be used to measure brain activity with excellent temporal and spatial resolution, respectively. By combining the neural and hemodynamic recordings from these modalities, we can gain better insight into how and where the brain processes(More)
In this work-in-progress study, we aim to understand the users' behavior for developing the webtoon(web cartoon) rating system using with users' laugh reactions when they read webtoons by smartphones. First, we conducted an online survey in order to understand general reading environment of a webtoon. Second, we executed a pilot experiment in lab based(More)
Webtoon is a popular content in South Korea that has more fun techniques by using both IT and cartoon elements. However, the rating system for webtoon is still unsatisfying which have limitations on comprehending users' unconscious behavior. In this paper, we explore the value of using users' laughter reaction data for humor webtoons. Users' laughter(More)
This paper presents a parsing algorithm for a partial free-word-order language, Korean. It is based on dependency grammar, unification-based grammar, and implemented in Prolog. The dependency grammar accepts free order of the words in a sentence. Unification-based features separate the grammar from the parsing algorithm, and as a result, the parser can(More)
Natural language parsing is the process of analyzing an input sentence by determining its syntactic structure and representing that structure according to a given formal grammar. However, it is often difficult to parse sentences correctly since the nature of language is ambiguous and has many irregularities. If the word order is totally or partially free,(More)
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