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Chromobacterium violaceum is one of millions of species of free-living microorganisms that populate the soil and water in the extant areas of tropical biodiversity around the world. Its complete genome sequence reveals (i) extensive alternative pathways for energy generation , (ii) Ϸ500 ORFs for transport-related proteins, (iii) complex and extensive(More)
This article describes a prototype program visualization (PV) enviromnent that we have developed. The prototype is an "umbrella" in the sense that it is not targeted to support any one software development methodology. Rather, it provides basic PV tools that can be used in the service of the programmer's chosen methodology. Our system was designed to(More)
Chagas disease, caused by the protozoan parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, affects approximately 10 million people in endemic areas of Mexico, Central and South America. The currently available chemotherapy is limited to two compounds: Nifurtimox and Benznidazole. Both drugs reduce the symptoms of the disease and the mortality of infected people when used in the(More)
The knowledge of the propagation of flood waves, in natural channels, through Saint Venant's equations, has been object of studies on the part of engineers and scientists, along years. With the progress of the digital computers, the mathematical models become a great option, in the analysis of this class problem. In this context, the uses of numerical(More)
The availability of high-resolution satellite images allowed new applications, especially in urban areas. In Brazil, where up-to-date information is frequently missing in data banks at Municipal, State and Federal level, the information obtained from these images could eventually fill this gap. In this paper, a case study, performed in the city of São José(More)
This paper presents an integrated environment for development of real-time digital control systems. It constitutes a pilot project in the real-time aspect using Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The hardware platform is composed by a Master-Slave DSP board and the software platform has a friendly user interface. It is intended to generate a basic real-time(More)
INTRODUCTION Fenproporex (FEN) is an anorectic drug used in the treatment of moderate to severe obesity and its biotransformation originates mainly amphetamine (AMP), another potent CNS stimulant. (1) FEN is one of the three most widely used anorectic in world (2), and in Brazil it´s highly misused, especially as stimulant for professional drivers. On the(More)
Enzymes in Indus t ry Gerhartz, W. (ed), Enzymes in Industry: Production and Applications. VCH Verlag, D6940 Weinheim, Federal Repblic of Germany / VCH Publishers (UK) L~d, Cambridge CB1 1HZ, ISBN 3-527-27984-9 / 0-89573-937-2. 320 pp. cloth; s Under the comprehensive title "Enzymes in Industry--Production and Applications", Wolfgang Gerhartz of Degussa AG(More)
Studies on plant electrophysiology are mostly focused on specific traits of action potentials (APs) and/or variation potentials (VPs), often in single cells. Inspired by the complexity of the signaling network in plants and by analogies with some traits of neurons in human brains, we have sought for evidences of high complexity in the electrical dynamics of(More)
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