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A rapid growth in E-Commerce market is seen in recent time throughout the world. With ever increasing popularity of online shopping, Debit or Credit card fraud and personal information security are major concerns for customers, merchants and banks specifically in the case of CNP (Card Not Present). This paper presents a new approach for providing limited(More)
We present an efficient and novel numerical algorithm for inversion of transforms arising in imaging modalities such as ultrasound imaging, thermoacoustic and photoacoustic tomography, intravascular imaging, non-destructive testing, and radar imaging with circular acquisition geometry. Our algorithm is based on recently discovered explicit inversion(More)
The article presents an efficient image reconstruction algorithm for single scattering optical tomography (SSOT) in circular geometry of data acquisition. This novel medical imaging modality uses photons of light that scatter once in the body to recover its interior features. The mathematical model of SSOT is based on the broken ray (or V-line Radon)(More)
Steganography is method of data hiding behind multimedia file such as text, image, audio and video. For enhancing the security of data hiding and transmission over network, this paper proposed system which uses genetic algorithm along with Visual Cryptography. Plain text is converted into cipher text by using any cipher then it is hidden in LSB of image.(More)
Cellular automata (CAs) are dynamic frameworks which exhibit complex global behavior from simple local interaction and computation. Since the inception of CA by von Neumann in 1950s, it has attracted the attention of several researchers over various backgrounds and fields for modeling different physical, natural as well as real-life phenomena. Classically,(More)
Number Plate Recognition technique is widely used in identifying vehicle identity across the world where a standard plate size and font are maintained which makes recognition easy. For implementing number plate recognition specifically in India a lot number of issue comes up like hundreds of different forms of fonts being used, size of plate not maintained,(More)