Souvik Roy

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Recent studies indicate the chemopreventive role of resveratrol in many animal models like ischemia, rheumatoid arthritis, human cancer, and diabetes. The present study was designed to investigate the chemopreventive potential of resveratrol in rat hepatic injury model by carbon tetrachloride. Male Wistar rats were treated with carbon tetrachloride (0.4(More)
A new trend was developed for the formation of a complex between vanadium and flavonoid derivatives in order to increase the intestinal absorption and to reduce the toxicity of vanadium compounds. The vanadium–rutin complex was characterized by several spectroscopic techniques like ultraviolet (UV)–visible, Fourier transform infrared (FTIR), NMR, mass(More)
Cellular automata (CAs) are dynamic frameworks which exhibit complex global behavior from simple local interaction and computation. Since the inception of CA by von Neumann in 1950s, it has attracted the attention of several researchers over various backgrounds and fields for modeling different physical, natural as well as real-life phenomena. Classically,(More)
We consider implementation of a deterministic allocation rule using transfers in quasi-linear private values environments. We show that in multidimensional single peaked type spaces, an allocation rule is implementable if and only if it satisfies a familiar and simple condition called 2-cycle monotonicity. * We are grateful to an editor and two anonymous(More)
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