Souvik Kumar Saha

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During the past few years, advances in mobile communication theory have enabled the development and deployment of different wireless technologies, complementary to each other. Hence, their integration can realize a unified wireless system that has the best features of the individual networks. Next-Generation Wireless Systems (NGWS) integrate different(More)
The design of robot manipulators, i.e., the determination of link lengths, their relative orientations, types of joints, e.g., revolute or prismatic, etc., has been largely done so far by experience, intuition and at most based on the kinematic considerations like workspace, manipulability, etc. Dynamics is generally ignored at this stage even though it is(More)
Next Generation Wireless Systems (NGWS) include co-existence of current wireless technologies such as WLANs, WiMAX, General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS). The important and challenging issue in NGWS is seamless handoff during the mobility of mobile node between different integrated networks. In this(More)
LEO satellites have important advantages over geostationary satellite such as low power requirements, low propagation delay and more efficient spectrum delay. But, the handover management in LEO satellite becomes challenging for supporting global mobile communication. Here we propose a new method of introducing a location manager which will store the(More)
In cellular networks, handoff is the mechanism that transfers an on going call from the current cell to the next cell as the Mobile Unit (MU) moves through the coverage area of the cellular system. A handoff procedure results in a call termination in the current cell along with a call arrival in the destination cell. The Quality of Service (QoS) is improved(More)
Handoff has become an essential criterion in mobile communication system, specially in urban areas, owing to the limited coverage area of Access Points (AP). Handover of calls between two BS is encountered frequently and it is essentially required to minimize the delay of the process. Many solutions attempting to improve this process have been proposed but(More)
Mobile communication towers are used in many personal and industrial purposes. It provides a continuous connectivity to Mobile Nodes (MN) and permits them to change their connection point from current access point to new base station while needed. Handover has become an essential part in mobile communication system because of the limited coverage area of(More)
Based on the developing trends of mobile communication, next generation wireless networks will have broader bandwidth, higher data rate, and smoother and quicker handoff and will focus on ensuring seamless service across a multitude of wireless systems and networks. The main objective of next generation wireless networks is the integration of independently(More)
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