Souvan Kiry Kim

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This report provides a basic but comprehensive demographic, social, economic and health profile of Cambodia's older population based on the 2004 Survey of Elderly in Cambodia (SEC), a representative survey of persons age 60 and over conducted in Phnom Penh and the five largest provinces. As such it represents the first comprehensive examination of the(More)
Since the takeover of Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge in 1975, the social conditions within the country have been understudied. Only recently has dependable socio-demographic data become available. We use some these data to examine living arrangements and other socio-demographic conditions among Cambodia's older population. We compare results to those recently(More)
  • S K Kim
  • 1992
The author reviews South Korea's family planning program since its inception in 1962. The focus is on pregnancy due to contraceptive failure and the use of induced abortion as a remedy. It is found that "according to a logistic regression analysis, major factors which affect the outcome of pregnancy due to contraceptive failure were residence area, number(More)
The authors review the evolution since the 1960s of South Korea's family planning and fertility survey programs. "In the 1960s, research was interested in respondents' contraception knowledge and practice rate and in the relationships between contraceptive knowledge and the practice rate....[The] major research emphasis in the 1970s and 1980s was measuring(More)
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