Sourov Saha

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The medicinal leech, Hirudo medicinalis, is an excellent example of the use of invertebrates in the treatment of human disease. Utilized for various medical indications since the ancient times, the medicinal leech is currently being used in a narrow range of well-defined and scientifically-grounded clinical applications. Hirudotherapy is most commonly used(More)
Pain relief is a major goal for palliative care in India so much that most palliative care interventions necessarily begin first with pain relief. Physical therapists play an important role in palliative care and they are regarded as highly proficient members of a multidisciplinary healthcare team towards management of chronic pain. Pain necessarily(More)
Guidelines in clinical dentistry are regularly growing in number. At their best, these represent succinct evidence-based recommendations that are directly applicable and improve clinical outcome and cost-effectiveness of interventions. At worst these are highly biased (eminence-based) with limited supporting evidence and questionable applicability to dental(More)
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