Sourav Pradhan

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In developing countries like India, nutritional deficiencies are prevalent and hyperpigmentation due to protein energy malnutrition, zinc deficiency and pellagra are common. Indian women, especially vegetarian are prone to vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 deficiency can present as anaemia, neurological defect, gastrointestinal symptoms or dementia.(More)
Induction motors are widely used in transportation, mining, petrochemical, manufacturing and in almost every other field dealing with electrical power. These motors are simple, efficient, highly robust and rugged thus offering a very high degree of reliability. But like any other machine, they are vulnerable to faults, which if left unmonitored, might lead(More)
Hysteresis is a major impediment in achieving precise position tracking through piezo actuated micro nano manipulator. In our study it has been shown that the effect of hysteresis can be mitigated by the proper application of a suitably selected dither sequence. The objective of the paper is to compare the various types of dither viz, Sinusoidal, Gaussian,(More)
Micro-nano positioning is a fast growing field in the context of its modern day implications in precision engineering industry. However, this apparently indispensable technique has its limitations imposed by the continuous manifestation of nonlinearities like hysteresis and creep. This work explores a relatively new control paradigm in the form of dither to(More)
Accurate and reliable fault detection in three phase induction motors is of great importance from economical perspective. This paper deals with the modeling of five different stator faults, viz. Single Phasing, Single line to ground fault, over-voltage, under-voltage and voltage unbalancing. As part of data acquisition, stator phase current values are(More)
A batch-service queue with Markovian arrival process can be adopted to deal with highly correlated systems which arises in high speed telecommunication networks. Such complex models are usually dealt by evoking simulation method. However, we carry out modeling and analysis of this queue by developing an analytically tractable methodology which is based on(More)
Enlargement of right atrium is usually secondary to pulmonary hypertension due to valvular heart diseases or obstructive pulmonary disorders, atrial septal defect, tricuspid atresia or stenosis, pulmonary stenosis, primary pulmonary hypertension, Ebstein's anomaly. Congenital enlargement of right atrium is rare and it commonly presents in children. Our(More)